Make Your Bed. Change The World.

September has been a great month! I’ve adopted some new habits that are enhancing my life, improving productivity, and testing my GRIT. As I set my sights on October, I’ve decided to carry on with my 5 am wake-up time, cold showers, workout regimen and eating clean.  I’ve also been thinking about some new ways […]

Life is Like a Cold Shower

A few years ago I heard about the benefits of cold showers.   I recall thinking “that’s crazy talk!…who in their right mind would intentionally take a cold shower?!”  The notion left and I hadn’t given it another thought.  That was until a few weeks ago when I was reading about Victor Pride’s 30 Days of […]

Potential. Do You Deliver on Yours?

When it comes to accomplishing things in life, be it at work, school, home, a goal or a task…many are quick to tap out or procrastinate at the first sign of any unexpected hurdles.   When we do complete something, we habitually deliver short of what we’re really capable of.   SURPRISE YOURSELF Most people grossly […]