Potential. Do You Deliver on Yours?

When it comes to accomplishing things in life, be it at work, school, home, a goal or a task…many are quick to tap out or procrastinate at the first sign of any unexpected hurdles.   When we do complete something, we habitually deliver short of what we’re really capable of.  


Most people grossly underestimate themselves and their potential.  This is because they’ve never really pushed themselves beyond their self-imposed mental limits.  I mean REALLY push themselves. Only to come out the other side of whatever it is they’re trying to achieve, to be totally blown away by what they were able to do!  It’s an amazing feeling when we break past those barriers.  What can you start doing today to test and break through self-imposed limits?  Start with something that you can take action on today! For me… I recently started taking only frigid cold showers every day.  The first time I set the shower dial to cold…I thought “No fricken way I can do this” fast forward to today, I’m both delighted and surprised to tell you that “I love cold showers”.  In fact, I prefer them to hot.  They make me feel alive and energized! They’ve also taught me how to push through the very uncomfortable to achieve a desired goal and outcome.  You can read about my cold shower mission here: Life is Like a Cold Shower. 


Sometimes the gap between what we accomplish and what we’re capable of is razor thin.  Often, it’s more like a chasm; think Grand Canyon.   This gap is obvious when we outright quit or give up on an objective, but sometimes our half-hearted efforts are disguised as successes which we pat ourselves on the shoulder for.  Doing just enough, even slightly above bare minimum to get it done so we can check off the box and feel deceptively good about ourselves.  But deep down this shorting of ourselves, is nowhere near as satisfying as delivering on something with all our passion, effort and perseverance.  Not to mention all the other benefits in life that often follow a life lived with GRIT!  You reap what you sow…don’t expect great things in your life unless you give it your greatest! The law of reaping and sowing is inescapable…you might think you’re doing okay with the bare minimum…but trust me…the scales will balance!


Over the past month, I’ve become obsessed with this gap and how to close it in my own life.  As I look back, I can see many missed opportunities to see what I was truly capable of, the impact I could’ve had, and the headaches I could’ve prevented!  Simply because I was consciously or subconsciously content with delivering “okay” rather than “great”, or even worse, got bored, distracted or discouraged and threw in the towel.  And don’t even get me started on laziness…GUILTY!  


No more.  When the blinders are off and you’re really honest with yourself,  it becomes much easier to own your past ‘misses’ and course correct.   That’s what this blog is all about.  Course correction.  


To close this gap my life.  Whenever I look back at times where I fell short of my potential, it was mostly due to a lack of GRIT!  No more throwing in the towel, half-ass attempts, or anything less than 100% effort and perseverance.  I’m talking all out GRIT (passion and perseverance)! I’m closing the GRIT GAP!


I’ll be sharing my journey with you to 1) learn 2) hold myself accountable and 3) inspire others to take a hard, honest look at their lives and identify the opportunities to apply GRIT, achieve more, and surprise themselves with what they’re really capable of!  Sure, it’s going to take hard work, perseverance, and loads of passion and effort – but the rewards significantly outweigh the cost! Life is short and time is fleeting, let’s seize every minute of everyday to be the best stewards of the lives we have.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.



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